Vulcanized O-Rings

If you have a large, non-standard, small quantity or need an o-ring fast, a vulcanized o-ring might be the perfect solution.

When can I use a vulcanized o-ring?

A vulcanized o-ring is a good fit for applications with no movement of the seal or sealing of the hardware by the o-ring, for example, static applications. Likewise, they are an excellent choice for filtration, large valves, and pharmaceutical applications. To clarify, anywhere a flange needs a seal. In short, we can use a wide range of elastomers to vulcanize o-rings in virtually any size or shape.

Contact us today to see if a custom-engineered vulcanized seal fits your need.

How are vulcanized o-rings made?

First, we cut a continuous-length cord to length. Next, we apply a bonding agent to the ends and then join them together in a mold at a high temperature for a set time. Finally, this process forms the molecular bond necessary to create a strong joint.

Additionally, the bonding agent consists of the uncured compound and adhesive. For example, if your compound is Viton™, it would be uncured Viton™ and adhesive.

Can we help you?

Need help ordering a custom o-ring? Then, call our knowledgeable sales team today at (888) 732-5885 or fill out the form on our contact page. Seal Company stocks Buna (NBR)Ethylene Propylene (EPR, EPDM)Fluorocarbon (FKM)Fluorosilicone (FVMQ)Neoprene (CR), and Silicone (VMQ). Regardless, if we have the material in stock, we can vulcanize your o-rings with very short lead times!
Finishing vulcanized o-ring

Our commitment to quality.

At Seal Company, we review every vulcanized o-ring we send out to our customers to ensure they meet our high standards. In addition, we look for any signs of pinholes, breaks, or flash (excessive material); if we find any, we either discard or fix it immediately. In conclusion, we’re committed to ensuring all of our custom-engineered solutions are of the highest quality.

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