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Seal Company is an approved partner of Freudenberg Sealing Technologies.
With the world’s largest range of seals, Freudenberg Sealing Technologies offers products for everything from dental drills and filling lines to wind turbines, aircraft and automotive transmissions. In all application areas and industries, the company’s unique materials expertise and continuous innovation create the basis for customer satisfaction.

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Freudenberg FFKM Compounds

CompoundColorHardness, Shore ATemp. Range in ̊CDatasheet
Simriz® 134black90-15°C to +230°CDownload
Simriz® 481black70-30°C to +230°CDownload
Simriz® 484black75-20°C to +230°CDownload
Simriz® 485black75-7°C to +230°CDownload
Simriz® 486white75-7°C to +230°CDownload
Simriz® 486CPwhite75-7°C to +230°CDownload
Simriz® 495black75-7°C to +230°CDownload
Simriz® 498black80-6°C to +325°CDownload
Simriz® 501black77-6°C to +325°CDownload
Simriz® 502black90-6°C to +325°CDownload
Simriz® 508white75-7°C to +230°CDownload
Simriz® 508CPwhite75-7°C to +230°CDownload
Simriz® Z7257black79-2°C to +320°CDownload

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