Parker Markings Make It Easier To Identify O-Rings

With today’s fast paced, integrated production lines, identification marks are crucial to differentiate between visually similar O-rings. Likewise, it is equally important that customers be able to identify the manufacturer to ensure traceability and avoid receiving imitation or counterfeit seals.

Parker O-Ring Division now offers non-permanent custom part markings to serve the needs of customers in every industry. From a simple logo to the customer’s custom part number, Parker can provide a special non-permanent marking that fits your needs best. The uses are broad enough to accommodate any market and application, from general assembly lines to critical hydraulic valves. The markings are non-permanent so O-ring performance and properties are not effected. The markings are peformed in an enclosed, dedicated, climate controlled cell.

  • Any size O-ring can be marked
  • Molded shapes, after proper review, can also be marked
  • No minimum or maximum quantities
  • Mark can be up to 2 inches long
  • Is only limited by the cross section of the part number

For more information on O-Ring Division’s capabilities or to obtain a quote, please contact Seal Company.

To read how this problom was solved download the full story provided by Parker.

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